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The Family Business First Initiative of Northeast Wisconsin exists to support and recognize family businesses in our area. At First Business, we believe family businesses are the backbone of Northeast Wisconsin. Many of these businesses have a proven track record of success in terms of sales, innovation, economic impact, profits, and employment. And due to the nature of being a family business, many believe strongly in giving back to the communities in which they live. The Family Business First Initiative was put in place to show the support of First Business and to help family business succeed.


First Business is developing a series of interactive educational workshops driven by the needs of family businesses like yours. The workshops will uniquely be offered `a la carte, with no membership fee. Please complete this brief survey to help us ultimately develop a program that is most relevant to you and your family business!

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Family Business First - Call for Nominations AWARDS & RECOGNITION

First Business is proud to sponsor an annual awards ceremony to recognize family businesses that are making a difference in Northeast Wisconsin. Last year’s winners included: McClone, Boldt, and Wisconsin Space, Inc.


Founded in 1949, McClone is headquartered in Menasha, WI and employs 105 staff members. McClone is a family business currently led by the second and third generation of the McClone family, and employs 11 family members. The President & CEO is Mike McClone, with Principal Owners: Michael McClone, Daniel McClone, Patrick McClone, Brian McClone, Ryan McClone, Michaela Brenn, and Dustin McClone


Founded 1889, Boldt is headquartered in Appleton, WI. With 1,631 employees, this family business is run by two fourth generation Boldt family members. The President & CEO is Thomas J. Boldt, with Principal Owners: Oscar Boldt, Thomas Boldt, and Michelle Gawinski.

Wisconsin Spice

Wisconsin Spice, Inc.
Founded in 1973, Wisconsin Spice is located in Berlin, WI. This family business company has 60 employees, including four first and second generation family members. The President & CEO is Phillip Sass, and Principal Owners are: Phillip and Beth Sass.

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